Blood INR Range Chart

Here is a brief simplified chart of human blood INR Range, showing INR levels, and the factors that affect them.
This chart illustrates typical therapeutic INR levels, while using Coumadin (warfarin) therapy. An INR up to 10 is targeted in hyper-therapeutic situations, where any clotting at all absolutely must be avoided.

Blood PT/INR Range Chart

Blood INR Ranges
High Risk Group = 3.0 – 4.5
Intense Therapeutic Range = 2.5 – 3.5
Therapeutic INR Range = 2.0 – 3.0
Undefined INR Range = 1.2 – 2.0
Normal Human INR Range = 0.8 – 1.2

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  1. My husband had a brain bleed on Coumadin therapy. He wondered why they had kept him on the same dose several weeks when usually the doctor changed it up and down every 2 weeks when he would go into his Internists OFFICE. First he noticed a “bruise” on his arm, started to feel bad and weak, and then his left hand became tingly and weak. He was driven to local ER. The CT indicates a brain bleed and he was transferred by ambulance to our large TRAUMA center. There he was immediately admitted to ICU for a week until brain bleeding stopped per daily am CT results. Sent home on Keppra 1,000mg per day. In a few days he was so weak feeling absolutely drained just sitting in a chair. Finally at 3rd week, he called and neurosurgeon allowed him to reduce in half. After a month, he was WEANED off Keppra in 3 days. He continues to go tobphysical therapy twice a week for left hand weakness and not being able to control his left hand. Now after 2 months of PT, therapist says left hand measures stronger than right hand! Yet, it has interfered with his ability to play guitar and he played once a week for entertainment of customer. Granted this pay isnt much, it still impacts his life in a negative way.He feels someone at his Internists OFFICE made a mistake. Now this doctor wants his Coumadin prescribed by a hematologist and not hum. Wht would this be? Is this worth getting his lab work b4 the brain bleed to see if a mistake was made?

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