Nursing aides in McMinn County fired after Facebook post

Two nursing aides in McMinn County said they were fired for a social media post joking about the elderly.

WTVC-TV reports Cassie Moses and Symara Rakestraw said they were fired from Etowah Health Care Center after posting a photo saying, “Felt cute… might drop your grandma later.”

The photo was a recreation of the meme “Feeling cute, might delete later.” It shows Rakestraw sitting in a lift and Moses smiling in the front.

Nursing aides in McMinn County fired after Facebook post

Kristine Blankenship wrote on Facebook that the photo was inappropriate and that she reported the women to Etowah Health Care Center. She told WTVC-TV her mother-in-law died in a nursing home from a “fall and failure to thrive.”

Both women said the photo wasn’t taken at Etowah Health Care Center and they intend to sue Blankenship for harassment.

Etowah Health Care Center hasn’t returned requests for comment.

One thought on “Nursing aides in McMinn County fired after Facebook post”

  1. Really does not matter where photo was taken. Picture and comment unprofessional. You represent your profession and your comment and photo would leave doubt in any employer or patient,or patients families mind that you could be trusted. Your employer was absolutely right to fire you. You should also lose your CNA License as you do not represent the code of ethics by which it was granted to you. I am proudly a medical professional, this public post was irresponsible,immature, and not at all funny!

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