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Radiologic Tech: One of the most dangerous jobs on the frontlines of health care

Unlike those who can work from home, healthcare workers must report in person for duty. And while all of them have dangerous jobs right now, some are more dangerous than others.

Many individuals have been practicing social distancing by working from home in recent weeks. While this arrangement can be a great way to reduce one’s exposure to COVID-19, it’s a luxury that’s available to just 29% of Americans.

The situation for the remaining 71% is uncertain, to say the least. A significant portion of the population has lost their jobs due to business shutdowns and mandated lockdown orders. Others employed in “essential services” have continued working as usual, but may face a higher risk of potential exposure to the virus.

To that end, today’s infographic leverages data from the Occupational Information Network to determine which occupations face the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19.

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6 thoughts on “Radiologic Tech: One of the most dangerous jobs on the frontlines of health care”

  1. Please respect our profession.
    We are NOT Technicians , we are Technologists! Huge difference.
    We have a registry just like nurses do.
    giving a nursing example you are labeling us as CNA ( certified nursing assistant) .
    Not a R.N ( registered nurse)
    R.T (R) Registered Technologist in Radiology

  2. In Michigan a lot of radiology staff was laid off and labeled non essential! Radiology is the eyes of medicine! Chest x rays, ct scans, mris, us, and other test all fall under radiology. It’s amazing how they constantly get over looked and under appreciated.

  3. As a registered radiologic technologist, speaking for my profession, please stop using the word technician when describing us! The correct title is RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGIST, or if you can’t remember that, use RADIOGRAPHER (also an acceptable title). We have to get a degree, pass board exams and deserve to be recognized as a professional part of any healthcare team.
    Thank you.

  4. Im Radiology technogy, may experience in saudi arabia, im 55 years old cant alloud to apply is over age, need to work in abroad any country

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